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Thanks for being here. My name is Núria Boladeres and I am here to help you with your mental and emotional health.  

My extensive training in communication, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and compassion along with my 10+ years of hands-on experience in coaching make me a good fit for: managing stress & anxiety, improving relationships (with yourself and others), building personal resilience and navigating uncertainty.  


I am also trained in the last stages of life and grief and can be a good person to talk to if you have experienced loss recently. 


We go through major changes and transitions in life, which can be great opportunities for self-knowledge and growth when paired with support and care. We cannot change what life throws at us, but we can definitely choose how we respond to it. 


My sessions are a safe space for you to explore different options, identify limiting patterns and believes, widen your perspective, find tools and strategies to connect with yourself and others and create balance in your life. 


I am an LBTBQ+ informed professional and a big advocate for self-care and mental health: it always starts with us. Looking forward to starting this journey together!


See what format suits you best.


Contact information.


"Nuria provided the safe space I needed. We explored my limiting believes, confronted and revisited old patterns and ended up the process feeling light and liberated. Thank you!


"Núria has such a unique way to approach every single session. She is creative, open, curious and challenging in ways I found profoundly transformative. "


"Her active listening, knowledge about stress, anxiety and her tools to deal with emotions and communicate them assertively helped me have a more loving and caring relationship with myself and my family. 


"Núria is a very compassionate and caring individual. I contacted her because I was going through a period of grief and she helped me tremendously. Thank you so much! 



Núria Boladeres

North Austin TX, 78757

+1 442-423-8495

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon.

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